Egress Window Requirements

Specially designed to provide an easy escape from the impending disaster, today’s Egress windows are a vital addition to the final architecture of a building. In fact, in some places, there are certain laws enacted which make the use of basements with emergency exits inevitable for bedrooms or any other living spaces.

These extra windows are built for the firefighters to swift in your building or for you to escape emergency situations like when you have locked yourself in tour home unknowingly. If the thought of remodeling your basement came to your mind and there is one certain thing that you want to do to make your boring, spooky, damp basement interesting, and a place to live in then add a window to it.

Built of an egress window

  • An egress window has particular dimensions. As per Residential rules its dimensions cannot exceed 20-inch width and a 24-inch height. The question then arises that if one can pass through even a small opening then why are there certain fixed dimensions. Well, these are for the firefighters and cops.
  • An egress window generally comes with stairs and window cover which resembles a good structure and is collectively known as Window well. There are also covers for affordable window wells and covers that include materials like transparent plastic or polythene to aluminum and steel shields. These covers are necessary because they protect the window from all sorts of weather conditions and reduce the problem of dirt and pests entering the basement.
  • The window can’t also be made higher than 41 inches from the ground. Even though there are steps or ladders, this fact has to be taken into concern before making the basement window.